Private Guided Safari

If exclusivity is a luxury you attracted to, then indulge your own interests on safari with a private guide from Africa Direct. You will have a private vehicle to explore the beautiful bush at your pace, for a long as you want, whenever you want and you don’t have to share it with anybody else.


Have you ever been on a game viewing vehicle with people who are loud, disinterested, impatient, or have interests that do not interest you?  Why throw the dice with who you end up with on game drive, when a private vehicle could eliminate the odds?

Africa's wildlife waits for no one, and it unfolds itself as it sees fit, and for this reason, one needs time to make sure that you are in the right place at the right time!  With others on the vehicle, they might not have the same interests as you, therefore not have the same patience and wanting to move along, you are going to miss the moment you have travelled all this way to see!

On a private vehicle, you can choose what time you want your game drive to depart, until what time you want to stay out there in the bush, what time you want to return to the lodge, and what you would like to look for.  This option opens up many more opportunities to enjoy your safari the way you want to enjoy it, and to get much greater value out of your journey through the African bush.  Safaris in private game viewing vehicles are normally conducted by the more senior rangers - yet another great way of enhancing your safari experience!

So, whatever it may be - birding, big cats or botany, indulge your own interests at your own pace for as long as you want, enquire with us if the lodge of your choice offers the option of private game viewing vehicles - it's definitely worth it!

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