Specialist Photographic Safari

Having a dedicated vehicle and guide to your photographic interests is the key to outstanding results.

Understanding animal behaviour is one of the most critical aspects of capturing the perfect shot. Predicting movement, social interactions, and behavioural characteristics are what Mike Karantonis and Marc Lindsey-Rae have become a specialist in through their passionate observations of a vast array of different species. Being able to take very well educated guesses, you often find yourself in the right spot at the right time in Mike or Marc’s vehicle plus their interpreted facilitation with you has you ready and prepared for the shot.

They have also hosted professional photographers that return for their services and understand the requirements of any level of photography, professional or amateur.
Having a private specialist in animal behaviour and photography is the best option for the best result, plus having a private game viewing  vehicle allows for species, time and itinerary flexibility. Warning: Once you have tried safari this way, it is difficult to go back!

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