Family Safari

The world is changing at a dramatic pace due to the growth of technology. It does make our lives easier, we learn faster and it brings the world closer. However, the only thing that is drifting further apart, are our families.

What is really important?

As adults we can chose what is right and wrong, and have a greater need for technology as it is what grows our economy, but as children, they do not know what is right or wrong because they do what they see around them. It is time to take them out of this environment and surround them with nature and reconnect with your children. The “real signal strength” is very strong out in the African bush and the communication between you and your family is clearer than ever.

There is every element of a good person on safari, patience, fun, excitement, appreciation, beauty, skill, colour, simplicity and humbleness. One experiences all of these, therefore exposing and surrounding your child to the good qualities of what makes us real people.


After travelling to hundreds of various lodges over 20 years, we know which establishments accept your child with open arms, keep them busy, entertained, educated and loved. It is a wholesome experience that we should all be doing more of and that has no down sides. You will have a private vehicle and guide which allows you to adapt your game drive around the interests and patience levels of your children. A family or inter-leading room keeps you close together. Baking cookies in the kitchen with the chef behind the scenes, painting murals, kiddies walks and bush quests are just a few ways in which these amazing child friendly lodges and Africa Direct make this an unforgettable family experience.

Let us help you water and feed what is so important to us all and help you plan a safari with you and your family.

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